Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet Baby Cakes Love!!!!

My hubby and I have been counting down the weeks. We just can't wait to meet our sweet Baby Cake!!!! Every appointment, my hubby takes the morning off of work. And we go to our appointments together. Dreaming up the days, when we get to hold our sweet baby.

And with every passing week, we get closer and closer to our dreams. We've been watching our Baby Cake grow. We've been enjoying everything about my pregnancy. Cherish all our sweet pictures. Look forward to hearing, our Baby Cake's heartbeat. And this week, was a BIG week! We found out some big news!!

We're having a Baby Girl!!!!

We are so happy! And with this news, I had to start my first Baby Girl project. This cute hat! I can't wait, to see my Baby Girl, in the hat I'm crocheting. More importantly, I can't wait to hold my Baby Girl. And cover her in sweet kisses!!!!