Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday My Love!!!

Today is my hubby's 32nd Birthday! Happy Birthday my love! I can't believe he is already 32. I can still remember him when we were little kids. In particular, on his 11th birthday. I went to his birthday party with some friends. It was on that day that I knew I would marry him. I just knew one day he would be my husband. There was something about the way he handed me the chocolate cupcake with red frosting!

Enzo was in love with Lola. And I was in love with my Fern. He was older than I was. But soon, I found a way to spend more time with him. If I spent time with my friend Lola, I would be spending more time with Enzo. Out of default, I would get to spend time with Fern. Because Enzo and Fern were friends. And for the next few years, that is exactly what I did.

When I was 15, Fern wanted to date me. But my dad said I would have to wait. In the mean time, we became best friends. And he waited for me. My hubby is the true and only love of my life. I could not imagine my life without him. Every day is 1000 times better because he is in my life.

My hubby makes every day brighter. His smile lights up my heart! Even when I create some kind of mess, he has the gentlest way of dealing with it. He is my biggest supporter and motivator. And after a long day, its his arms that I long to be in.

Today is his day. I hope to make all his birthday wishes come true. Because I love him. And I want only the very best, for the most incredible man in the world! :)

Happy Birthday My Love!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Blanket

Pretty Pastels.....

A while back, OK a long while back, Lola and I went to Michael's. We have to drive over an hour to the nearest one. It is in the nearest large city to us. It has been a while. Really it has! It was before my hubby and I got married. Probably, at the beginning of last October. Because we went to buy some things for my bridal shower. Lola had wanted me to pick out the ribbon and stuff like that.

But I had a 40% off coupon from the newspaper. And I was just dying to use it! But I didn't know what to buy. Because Lola was buying the stuff for the shower, and she had her own coupon. So I wondered over to the crochet books. And got lost in them. I found this one. It just called to me. I bought it! I didn't have a reason to, I just bought it. At the time, I don't think any of my friends were expecting. But I am glad that I bought it!

Our friends Anna Marie and Joe are expecting their 2nd baby. They don't know whether the baby is a boy or a girl yet. But I am going to make a pink blanket. I am using the 2nd pattern from this book, Pretty Pastels. And I am using Red Heart Soft Baby in pink. The brighter pink that they make. I bought it yesterday at Hobby Lobby. I really like this color!

Anna Marie is due in November. And the baby isn't cooperating with them. They have tried to find out if the baby is a boy or girl. But baby doesn't want them to know. I am going with pink because they already have a gorgeous little girl, Eva! :)

Going to the Ranch

My hubby and I are headed to The Ranch. We left about 15 minutes ago. Enzo'a family has this amazing ranch. For years, we have gone to the ranch. When we were younger, Enzo's grandparents lived there. Now that they have passed away, it is his. And lots of us go out there from time to time.

Sometime during the Spring, we planned this trip. We will be out there for a few days. The guys are all really excited! They are wanting to go horse back riding and to ride bulls. Yes, I married a former rodeo star.

We are really excited about this little get-a-way. I am happy to be out of the city. And in the country for a few days. The Ranch is just a special place to be at. The food taste better there. The air smells cleaner. I am just excited! Now to make the 5 hour trip there! :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm in Love with Love

Today I went to do some grocery shopping. We were basically out of everything. That happens when you are traveling. Because I had to get some other things too, so I went to Wally World. Not my favorite place in the world. But hey, I promised myself a little treat while I was there.

I ended up in the beauty aisles pretty quickly. And I saw the Pure Ice nail polish. I had seen it at Lola's house. I know that she and Cams like it. So I thought, why not. A bottle is just under $2 for .5 fl oz. I bought Love #917. It is a medium-light pink color. With a little shimmer. Not glittery, but with shimmer.

The minute I got home and put everything away, I sat to paint my nails. After 2 coats and my regular clear nail polish, I have the prettiest pink nails. The nail polish itself is a smooth texture and very easy to apply. The square shape of the bottle also helps too. It is really easy to hold while applying the nail polish.

I am really glad that I got lost in that aisle! I will definitely be buying more colors for that price. Most drugstore brands are more expensive, and the polish isn't as good. Pure Ice also has a HUGE selection of colors to choose from. In case you are wondering, my treat was a new rose bush. :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

What an amazing day! Filled with patriotism, fireworks, food, family, and friends! The perfect way to spend an summer day. I feel so excited! And the celebration hasn't even begun.

Don't you just feel so happy to be a citizen? To celebrate the beautiful country that we live in. To really love everything that we have. We are so lucky to live in this country. To have our freedoms. And the chance to chase after our dreams!

Happy Birthday USA!!!