Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going to the Ranch

My hubby and I are headed to The Ranch. We left about 15 minutes ago. Enzo'a family has this amazing ranch. For years, we have gone to the ranch. When we were younger, Enzo's grandparents lived there. Now that they have passed away, it is his. And lots of us go out there from time to time.

Sometime during the Spring, we planned this trip. We will be out there for a few days. The guys are all really excited! They are wanting to go horse back riding and to ride bulls. Yes, I married a former rodeo star.

We are really excited about this little get-a-way. I am happy to be out of the city. And in the country for a few days. The Ranch is just a special place to be at. The food taste better there. The air smells cleaner. I am just excited! Now to make the 5 hour trip there! :)

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