Monday, August 29, 2011

Making a Sweet Lovie

I was wondering around Ravelry today. And I found this pattern. I had to buy it! It's just too cute! The perfect little Lovie, for my Baby Cake! It looks like a fun, and easy project. The pattern was $5. And I'm sure, I can whip this up, over the weekend. Oh, I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet Teddy Bear

I've been crafting away! Like a crazy woman. Times like this, I'm so glad that I get to stay home. And we're able to live a lifestyle, that allows me to be a Stay-at-Home Wife and Mommy. It means a lot to me!

With that being said, I've been making lots of things. Getting ready to meet our sweet little girl. I'm also trying to make some sweet gifts, for some friends. We're all due, around the same time. I found this pattern, and I'm so excited!!

I can just imagine, this Teddy Bear growing with our sweet girls. Something that they can love and cherish, for a long time!! Everything about this little bear, just makes me happy!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Candle Maker Wanna Be

I don't know how I dream up some of my ideas. They just come to me. They hit me, like a ton of bricks. Then my ideas, completely consume my brain. Do you ever get that way?

Never mind, that I'm nearly 6 months pregnant. All I can think about, is making candles. I think it all started, when I used to watch Port Charles. Between, that was my favorite Soap! And I miss it a lot!! Ever since I seen Alison with her Candle Shop, I've wanted to make candles. I know, I'm nuts!!

Now with my pregnant belly, I want to be a Candle Maker. I'm nuts! I know it. But it just seems like a nice hobby. Something I'd really enjoy. I probably buy 4 candles a week! :) I'm trying really hard, to distract myself. With hobbies, that won't cause much harm to my tummy. Because hot wax, doesn't sound like the best idea right now....