Monday, August 1, 2011

Candle Maker Wanna Be

I don't know how I dream up some of my ideas. They just come to me. They hit me, like a ton of bricks. Then my ideas, completely consume my brain. Do you ever get that way?

Never mind, that I'm nearly 6 months pregnant. All I can think about, is making candles. I think it all started, when I used to watch Port Charles. Between, that was my favorite Soap! And I miss it a lot!! Ever since I seen Alison with her Candle Shop, I've wanted to make candles. I know, I'm nuts!!

Now with my pregnant belly, I want to be a Candle Maker. I'm nuts! I know it. But it just seems like a nice hobby. Something I'd really enjoy. I probably buy 4 candles a week! :) I'm trying really hard, to distract myself. With hobbies, that won't cause much harm to my tummy. Because hot wax, doesn't sound like the best idea right now....

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