Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm in Love with Love

Today I went to do some grocery shopping. We were basically out of everything. That happens when you are traveling. Because I had to get some other things too, so I went to Wally World. Not my favorite place in the world. But hey, I promised myself a little treat while I was there.

I ended up in the beauty aisles pretty quickly. And I saw the Pure Ice nail polish. I had seen it at Lola's house. I know that she and Cams like it. So I thought, why not. A bottle is just under $2 for .5 fl oz. I bought Love #917. It is a medium-light pink color. With a little shimmer. Not glittery, but with shimmer.

The minute I got home and put everything away, I sat to paint my nails. After 2 coats and my regular clear nail polish, I have the prettiest pink nails. The nail polish itself is a smooth texture and very easy to apply. The square shape of the bottle also helps too. It is really easy to hold while applying the nail polish.

I am really glad that I got lost in that aisle! I will definitely be buying more colors for that price. Most drugstore brands are more expensive, and the polish isn't as good. Pure Ice also has a HUGE selection of colors to choose from. In case you are wondering, my treat was a new rose bush. :)

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