Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Inspiration

I few years ago, I'd read tons and tons of blogs! Every day I'd read blogs. About sewing, crocheting, and crafting for kids. Obviously at the time, we didn't have kids. We weren't planning on kids yet. It didn't stop me! I had a folder on my computer, that was bursting with fun projects!

Fast forward a few years. And I'm pregnant, and in "Craft Overload." Most woman, spend their 9 months of pregnancy, shopping, being a little nervous about their newborn, and just preparing. Me? Not so much! I was working 100MPH. Trying to get all my projects done. :)

This happens to be one of those projects. I fell in love with it! The first time I seen it. 2 years ago, Jill posted it. Since then, I've probably visited this post, 50 times. I'm not sure what it is. But something about this picture, calls my name!

I started 2 little rattles. One for Miss B. The other for Sofia. And that blanket, I just adore it! I emailed Jill a few times about it. But never got an answer. So I studied this picture. It looks like a blanket of single crochets. That's it! That color, is just perfect too!

Not long ago, Vanna's yarn was on sale at JoAnn's. And I bought a bunch of the pink. The perfect pink! I just knew, I'd need it soon! :) I'm going to start this blanket soon. I'm hoping, that this will be my project, for our upcoming trip. We're flying across country! I'm so giddy, just thinking about all this goodness!!

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