Monday, April 16, 2012

Poppy Love!!

Last week, when we went to Lola and Guy's new house, I wanted to take them a small gift. But I had no clue what to take them! One, Lola is the most creative person I know! She gives me 98% of my crafty, garden, cooking, baking, and fashion ideas. No lie!

I thought really hard. I asked my hubby. Her primo, and he had no clue! Then I remembered this pattern. I'd seen it on Ravelry. Years ago! I spent a long time, trying to find it. But I got lucky. :)

As I was crocheting one night, I remembered this Poppy fabric that I have. It's vintage. And I'd never found the right project for it. Now I had an idea...

Lola collects aprons. Of all kinds. Her favorite being a "Cafe Apron." So I made her an apron. I made these. But with a larger hook, so they'd be more like potholders. And we bought some poppies. Oh it was a cute little basket! Filled with one of our Prima's favorite flowers!

She loved it! And this pattern, made for some fun potholders. I think I'm going to make some for myself. And maybe we'll head back to the nursery. I'm wanting some poppies now too!

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