Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Big Freeze

We're in the middle of the "Big Freeze" around here. It's actually a really big deal. Being that we live in the desert. And we now have between 6-12 inches of snow in our yard. No lie! Our back yard is a little ridiculous at the moment.

The temperatures are ridiculously cold. There is a gas shortage. As in natural gas, for heat. And we are in the middle of "Rolling Blackouts." Because we have 2 power grids that our down. Our electricity is now coming from a neighboring state. It's pretty bad.

We didn't have time enough to cover up our plants. So I hope they make it. My hubby was out in the snow storm last night, covering up pipes. It came that quickly! And luckily, thus far, we haven't had frozen or busted pipes. Thank goodness!

But everything around us is closed. Like I said, we live in the desert. We have no snow plows. No salt trucks. Nothing. It's bad. Funny how we got more snow than our hometown. Which is a few hundred miles north of us. They're used to the snow. Equipped to handle it. But still our state is literally in a "State of the Emergency" situation.

So my hubby and I are "hunkering down" for the next few days. School, work, all that good stuff, has been cancelled! So we're going to watch some movies. Figure out a way to make some dinner. And I'll probably get a lot of crocheting done.

I'm just glad that our pantry is fully stocked. And we're relatively well off. You know, in this situation. We're also considered "northerners" around here. So we're used to snow and cold temperatures. Even if it's -10 outside! What else can we do? Just try and survive, to the best of our abilities.

Mother Nature is just trying to keep us on our toes!

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