Sunday, February 27, 2011

Miss Emily

Let me just start this off with, I NEVER watch the Bachelor. Ever! But a few weeks ago, I caught a Morning Talk Show. I don't remember which one. But they were talking about Emily Meynard from The Bachelor. And I just had to stop dead in my tracks. She is just perfect!

Seriously, how does one look like this? I'm not sure. But she is just stunning! And her teeth, they are just perfect. I don't know if those are her real teeth, or veneers. But they are perfect. My hubby told me that some of it is air brushing. But after watching a clip on YouTube, she is really a stunning woman.

So I just might have to watch an episode or 2. Because I really like her style. I know, these women are probably working with a stylist. But seriously, I want her wardrobe. Or at least pieces of it. And I want her beauty secrets. Because lately, I've been feeling really cruddy. Like I'm in a rut or something. I could use some help.

What do you think? Do you have any beauty or style secrets that you could share with me? I'd really like to know. Because I'm seriously feeling pretty down. Maybe it's just the weather...

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