Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My New Chair

This is my new chair. I've been having some major back issues lately. And I really needed a new chair for my desk. So when I came home to find this beautiful chair sitting at my desk, I cried. Yes, I cried. That's a fact!

I had been looking at the chairs a few weeks ago, at Target. We have a Super Target about 90 minutes from where we live. And we went to look around. I seen this beauty, and really wanted it. But we're trying to save some money. So I past. And honestly, I was sad about it.

My hubby is just amazing. After work, he went and bought it. :) And he managed to put it together while I was in a study session. I was so excited when I got home. And this chair is not just pretty, it's super comfy! Oh, it's just love!

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