Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have to admit this, I never really thought about planting gladiolus. Never. Not once. It's not that I'm a flower snub or anything. I just never thought about them. Then, last year, when my hubby went to go water our prima's flowers, I saw them. She had so many growing. All different colors. Growing in mass bunches.

I fell in love. And I asked Fern what they were. He wasn't sure. So I called my prima. Who quickly let me know, that they are gladiolus. And she said that they quickly multiply like lirios (Iris.)

So I waited and waited. Until today. I found a big bag a Wal-Mart. I'm telling you, I never realized some of the great plants that they sell there. I got 20 bulbs, for $5! Awesome! And they are mixed colors. You could buy a single color. But I just think, half of the beauty, is the gorgeous colors! Let's see what happens. I planted them tonight. And they're supposed to bloom in July.

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