Saturday, February 19, 2011

Home Parisienne Collection

A few years ago, Target had this gorgeous collection. But my hubby and I weren't looking to buy outdoor furniture. We didn't own a home. We were living in student housing on campus. And well, it just wasn't on our radar. But I remember really liking the set. And I saved the pictures on my computer. You know, for the day when we would be looking.

This is the bistro set. Perfect for our little garden area, off of our bedroom. It's just a little space, right outside our French doors.

This amazing Dining Set. Perfect for BBQs, and just when we have people over!

And lastly, the conversational/lounge furniture. I really do like this set!

There is something about the style of this set. I really like it. The wrought iron. The color and size of the cushions. But you know it. Now that we are looking for some good outdoor furniture, Target no longer sells this set.

But we still want to buy something similar. I've looked high and low. And I just can't find anything. We want a full set that matches. We don't mind buying it in sections. That's the way Target once sold it. But we want something that matches across the board. Can you help? If you've seen something similar, can you leave me a message? Or sent me an email. Thanks!

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