Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Won Something, I Bought Something

I recently won a $250 gift card from Dillard's. Our neighbors' kids were selling raffle tickets for their school. So my hubby and I bought $10 worth. You know, we like to contribute positively to our community. I honestly never thought we'd win a thing. But we wanted to help the kids. Well, we won! And we got our gift card 2 days ago.

After my classes today, I decided to stop at Dillard's on the way home. Very convenient that the mall is between our house and school. But I stopped. And I didn't expect to find anything really. Our mall is small. And the Dillard's doesn't have a wide selection. Especially in formal wear. But I found this beauty!

It's the Gianni Bini "Selene" dress. And they had 2 of them there. Only 2! I think you have to order them online. Because I didn't see anything else from this line in the store. And they were in my size! It was like the heavens opened up, and the angels were singing to me. :)

I was actually drawn to the aqua color more (it's called blue lagoon online). We're going to a formal wedding in June. And the theme is Cinderella. So I really thought the aqua would go well.

But when I was in the dressing room, I got to thinking. For $158, I'll probably get more use out of the black one. You can wear it to many more events. If it's a conservative event, like a funeral or business dinner, you can always add a jacket or cardigan on top. And for more fun and flirty events like weddings, or date nights you can wear it as is.

The general shape is a lot like this dress. But this black dress is made out of a polyester blend. But a more dressy type of material. The top has a sweetheart neckline, and is fitted. But there's no boning. You do get some thin spaghetti strap style straps that you can add or remove. The ruffles are a lot smaller on the skirt. And the skirt fits more like a pencil skirt.

I feel like this dress was a complete success! My hubby and I had talked about how we would spend the money last night. And he wanted me to spend it all on me. But I couldn't do it. Especially since I can wear this dress with these shoes. So after I paid for my dress, I headed across the mall. To the Men's Dillard's. And I picked up some shirts and ties for my hubby! I've got to worry about what he's going to wear too! :)

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