Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Guest Room

We've slowly been putting our home together. And some things, have just taken a lot longer than others. But finally, after a Black Friday Sale, my hubby and I agreeing, and a deal we couldn't pass up...we finished our Guest Room.

This is the bedding set that we picked out. With curtains, a rug, and a set of lamps, we paid under $200. I don't feel so bad now. We didn't break the bank. And our guests finally have a room that is "put together." It feels nice. 2 guests rooms done!

Honestly, I use to feel bad when people would stay with us. Especially my parents and my in-laws. But now, I feel good. They have pretty and comfy rooms to stay in. Nothing could feel better!

Now if we could just finish the rest of the house...

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