Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Katie Brown Workshop

I am a big fan of PBS shows. I have been watching PBS since I was little. My favorites are the cooking and sewing shows. Sadly, our local station stopped showing Sewing with Nancy and Pepin. But I recently discovered the Katie Brown Workshop.

Katie is super talented. Every show includes some type of craft, recipe, and home decor project. The ideas are all super usable and user friendly. Because I have to admit, that is why I don't watch the Martha Stewart Show. I just don't have the time to make those meals or those crafts.

But Katie's approach is just so much more user friendly. Her staff is also quite entertaining. I really like that these people have great personalities. This is definitely one of my new favorite shows. I am just sad that it is only 30 minutes long, and only comes out once a week. But if you are looking for some budget friendly ideas, you might want to watch the Katie Brown Workshop. :)

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