Monday, June 1, 2009

An Outdoor Table

My hubby and I have been looking for a little table and chair set. Something small, and somewhat inexpensive. Just for us to have dinner on, when we BBQ. Or maybe have our coffee in the morning. Something small. Meant for outside. Preferably metal. I've found these so far.

I really like this white set. But my hubby insists that it's too "girly." But he said, he might learn to "deal" with it. I'm not sure thought...

This red set really caught my eye. But I'm not sure if it's a little too "retro" inspired. Do you know what I mean?

This is probably our favorite set. A color and style that my hubby and I have compromised on. Not too big. Not too "girly."

And for a good price. We found it as cheap as $75 on some websites. I think we're going to go with this set. We both seem to like it. And for now, it's a good value for money. In a few years, we want to invest in some really nice outdoor furniture. But for now, this is just perfect!

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