Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lean Cuisine Meals

I am determined to get into shape this summer. I lost a pretty remarkable amount of weight to be perfect for my wedding. Not that I was fat. But I had definitely allowed myself to gain some weight when I first started college. And I never lost the pesky Freshman 15.
But when we set a wedding date, I got real serious. I lost weight and really watched what I ate and how much I exercised. It payed off brilliantly. But after the wedding, I let all of that fall aside. We got married right before the holidays. Between the amazing food we had at the wedding, the holidays, and going on our honeymoon, my health plan flew out the window.
For New Year's I was determined to get back on track. But I was back to school. We were newlyweds. I was trying to be a good wife and cook lots of good food. And we were looking to buy a new house. I pretty much gained all my weight back.
Then I talked to Lola. She is a nutrition guru. She is studying nutrition and pre-med. So you can imagine, she had lots of great tips for me. We set up a plan and I started my whole get in shape routine. It has been going well. But I noticed that for lunch, I was eating a lot. Probably because I am home alone during the day. And our garden is giving tons of food.
Again, I talked to Lola. And she recommended the Lean Cuisine meals. These, I know for a fact, are meals that she eats. Because she is always on the go, Lola buys these for her lunch. She has a nice supply at work. I have to agree, they are quick and easy. The part that I like best is, they are already portioned out. That happens to be my issue. I like to eat bigger portions than I should.
But these meals come in a variety of flavors. There is something for everyone's taste. Real comfort foods, Oriental food, even Mexican inspired foods. They all cook up in under 5 minutes in the microwave. And honestly, the portions are very filling. I have been able to find them on sale at Albertson's for $2 a piece. I would recommend these for anyone who is trying to watch what they are eating, or for the busy people out there. They are tasty! :)

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