Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Twins' Baby Blankets

The Sunshine Round Ripple Blanket

My childhood friend, Nina is having twins. She doesn't know if they are going to be boys or girls yet. I don't think her and her husband want to know. She is due at the end of October. But her baby shower is going to be at the end of September. I wanted to make her something special. Because she is a special person from my childhood. I just didn't know what to make. The few crochet books that I have, have very delicate patterns. Something you would use for a girl. And since we don't know if the babies are going to be girls, I had to scrap that idea.

Not that long ago, I had been doing a search for baby blankets and came across this one. It is the Sunshine Round Ripple Blanket, and I thought it would be perfect. After printing out the pattern, I had to decide on what colors to make the blankets. I went to the store this morning. And I fingered through all the baby yarn at JoAnn's. At ours, it really isn't a big selection. Before finally deciding on Bernat's Baby Softee yarn in the green, white, and yellow. I figured I would start with the green, change to white, then yellow, then white, and then green. Doing somewhere between 5-8 rows in each color. I just need to figure out this before I start!

I don't want to make the blankets too big. I figured big enough to use to cover the car seat or a small enough to travel with. Then later, they can use them for the babies to play on. I figure I will have to add a few rows to the patterns to make the blankets the size I want them. And I am thinking of a different edging. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Nina loves things like this. So I figured I would make the 2 blankets. And out of the leftover yarn, I can make booties and hats. Hopefully by the time of the baby shower, I will have 2 blankets, 4 hats, and 4 pairs of booties! :)

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