Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting in Shape

I decided that it is time to get healthy. About a month ago, I was visiting Lola. She has the LARGEST COLLECTION of workout DVDs that I have ever seen! Ever!!! Along with just about every book about nutrition and diets. Before you go thinking she is crazy, or obssessed with dieting, she's not. She is a nutrition student. And she has to study all of these things.

I was telling her how I so BADLY want to get into shape. Not be pencil thin, just healthy. We talked for a LONG time. And she gave me all these tips and tricks to try. Nothing like what I did to fit into my wedding dress a few months ago. I was pretty much just starving myself. Not good at all. But Lola was patient and we talked. Then she told me that I could use any of the DVDs, books, or systems that she had. I thought for a long time, and picked up "Walk Away the Pounds." Turns out, it is one of Sam's favorites too!

To be honest, I was orginally wanting to get a gym membership, perhaps a trainer like Lola. But it is EXPENSIVE. And unlike her, it is not a requirement for my degree. I look healthy, but I really don't feel it. I want to get better stamina. My friends, they can go running for miles, heck, Sam and Lola go hiking all the time. Me, not so much. And those DVDs, they were still sitting on top of our bookshelf.

My hubby and I want to get more adventureous this summer. You know, going hiking, camping, and the such. He is in such good shape. But working out with him, did not sound very appealing. Something tells me, it would turn into him yelling at me to run faster, and me getting fustrated and just stopping in the middle of the road. He is a lot like Lola. They go run for miles and miles. And they go alone. I think it is therapeutic for them. So I didn't want to intrude on his "alone time."

Today, I FINALLY did my first workout with the DVDs. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I am so excited to do this! I am thinking, I will do the DVDs 5 days a week. With Lola's tips, and some of her healthier recipes, I am on my way to being healthy! :)

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