Thursday, May 21, 2009

How Many???

I just got back from the post office. And I have a stack of mail. Literally, a stack. I am not even sure where it all came from. But they handed me a stack.

I went to go check on our apron fiasco mail. Lola is stuck at work, literally stuck at work. They had some kind of "one of a kind surgery" that happens very rarely. She was part of it, and now, she doesn't know when she will get out of work. So she sent me a text to go check on the mail. Well, nothing happened. I still couldn't pick it up. :( Do you know how mad that makes me?

Back to my mail.....I got 4 weddings, 2 birthdays, 3 wedding showers, 6 baby showers, 4 graduation, 3 First Communion, and 2 "Just Because" invitations. Yup, all between next weekend and the middle of summer. Is it just me, or is everyone getting married and having kids right now?

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