Monday, May 11, 2009

Day of Aprons

Aprons.....are very quickly becoming one of my favorite things in the world. Lola sent us gals an email last week to remind us all that today was Apron Day. I marked it on the calendar and washed my favorite apron. This morning, bright and early, I put my apron on to make my husband breakfast. I was definitely a sight to be seen. :) PJs, apron, and eyes barely open. My husband just had to laugh. By the way, the eggs didn't survive. One day, I will learn how to fry an egg!

All day, I have proudly sported my apron. Even on my trip to the grocery store. I met an elderly woman in line. She told me that she was so happy to see someone of my generation wearing an apron. It made me smile. I had never realized how big of a part the apron plays in our life. And just how traditional an apron is.

My close friend, turned cousin, made me an apron for my wedding shower. Actually she gave me the most amazing basket filled with handmade goodies. Everything I could dream of for my house. I could not even begin to imagine that this would lead to my new collection.....aprons.

I had never really thought of them before. My grandma wears one when she cooks, cleans, and bakes. My mom would wear one when she bakes. Lola, well Lola wears one all the time. She has those ones to cook in, bake in, clean in, garden in, even craft in. She loves them. Now I know why. I got the bug.....and I have never been so happy about collecting aprons! :)

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