Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bug Plug

AKA Riddex Plus Digital Pest Repeller

My husband and I have been talking about this bug plug for a while now. He is absolutely positive that we should get one to prevent any future problems. Why you ask? We live in the desert, but this place, this town, has a lot of pests. I sure do miss our hometown. Sure bears came out from the nearby mountains, but we lived on the other side of town. Our biggest problems were red ants and wasps.

The first time I came to visit my hubby here, we decided to go to lunch at the mall. Which by the way, is the size of most cities' regular shopping strip mall things. It is small. Well, we walked into the mall, and the janitor was sweeping up things. I didn't realize it at the time, but they were roaches. Yes, dead cockroaches. Hundreds of them!!! They are everywhere. That is why when we lived in our campus apartment, we lived upstairs. It was a pretty good workout, but definitely worth it. Why did I move here again? Unfortunately, we weren't so lucky when we moved into our campus house. But with cans of Raid and those Combat poison container things, we quickly rid our house of unwanted guests. Although, our neighbors were pigs, and from time to time you would see a couple crawling over from their house. :(

You don't believe me about the Borderland pest problem? If you go downtown in the nearby larger city, don't go at night. Cockroaches run all over the sidewalks. So much so, you can hear them crunching under your feet. I never, ever believed Lola until one night when we went to a wedding downtown. She was playing for it, and my hubby and I were just attending. I have also never run so fast in my life. Girl, I get it now. Hike up the skirt and run!!!

Speaking of Lola, she has one of these gadgets. Because she is not afraid of a lot, but she is in fear of roaches. That is probably why her house is so clean and you can literally eat off the floor in her house. But she completely endorses this gadget. She has one and says she has no kind of pest problems. Which is true, I have never seen anything there. On a side note.....she actually bought her house because there were no pests in it when she looked at it. Not kidding at all. When she was looking at houses, no matter how perfect it was, if it had any signs of pests, she was walking out looking for another house.

Even Enzo endorses this thing. He told us about when he first moved to Boston and would fight the bugs. Can you tell? Not a single one of us is a fan of insects. But Enzo got one, and it also helped in the winter when the mice came out. He didn't have any. Now M, our other friend who lives in Boston, he had issues. They lived next door to each other and M could not understand why Enzo didn't have any problems. Then he showed him the gadget Lola had sent him. Problem solved!!!

Well, if you are like my hubby, Lola, or Enzo and you feel like you just HAVE to have one right now, you will find them here for $15, plus shipping and handling. You can also read some reviews about the product. I am not completely convinced about them, but I rather have one before we find a reason to get one. Always be prepared.....isn't that what the boy scouts say?

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