Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He Didn't Expect It

He Needed a Pair of These.....

My poor hubby. He works hard all day today, from 4AM-6PM. It was a tough one from what I hear. Enzo being back, well it always adds to the pressure and work load. We love our dear friend, but he expects perfection. Which is a good thing, it keeps the business growing. But the hubby was tired. And when he came home, he didn't expect to find what he did. In fact, he asked me for a pair of glasses so he could see things straight. Poor man!

What exactly did he find? I should start at the beginning. Everyone was gone. My tia and tio are still on this mysterious getaway of theirs. Lola is stuck somewhere in North Carolina because their gigs were postponed due to weather. Sara, Jason, Rems, Cam, Sam, Jelly, and everyone else.....have left town. Some time after GH ended and I finished cleaning the kitchen, I had a great idea.....

Some great idea, huh? I decided that I would finally move everything around in our den. You see, we moved quickly, almost unexpectedly. And it wasn't the 1st time we have done that. When we moved from our campus apartment to our campus house, it was done in hours. My hubby and the guys had planned a trip to go hunting. The day before they were leaving, we got a call from housing. We had to move, and now. Or we would lose the house.

Lola, Sam, Amaya, Gabi (yup, I have a friend named Gabi too!), Maggie, and I packed. Literally I called them at 8AM, they were at the house in the matter of a half an hour. Then all of our friends who have trucks, came over and moved us. By 9PM, we had a house full of boxes and furniture. We didn't have that much stuff, and we only moved across campus. The guys left at 2AM the next day. Lola, she helped me during the next 2 days, to get our house in order. Yup, during the weekend while the guys were gone, we fixed up our little campus house. I think my hubby was happy when he got home Monday morning and found that the bed made it from the living room into the bedroom, and that our sofa was in the living room, not the kitchen. :)

In this instance, well it happened even more quickly. My hubby and I went to look at houses. Just to look at them. When we found our house, another couple was also looking at it. Wanting the house we just loved, and trying to beat them to it, we immediately made an offer. We were moving just days later. In the middle of the most hectic points of the semester for me. Right before exams. We moved, and just put things wherever. Figuring we would organize things later.

We haven't been here long. But I feel like things are still not "in their place." Heck, we still haven't bought most of our furniture. Mostly, because Lola and I can't schedule a few hours to go shopping. Yup, I am waiting for that. She has amazing taste, and I could use a lot of help in the decorating department. My hubby has his "Big 'Ol Desk" and a leather sofa in his office. We bought our bedroom furniture, a kitchen set, and 2 sofas for the den. The rest of the house, well it is in shambles.

I shouldn't say shambles. But things are not really in a "living order." We gave away most of our "College Furniture" because well, it wasn't something we wanted to be pulling along with us. That was furniture we "inherited" from people who would have probably just have thrown it away. Somehow our den became the "everything room." With absolutely no real order or flow to the room. It reminds me of a "frat house." My hubby and I stashed a good amount of money aside to furnish our new home.....and Enzo gave us a nice wedding present.....a "gift card" sort of thing at our favorite furniture store. We just haven't done anything yet!

We have electronics, that is the one thing we didn't give away. My hubby is really into his electronics. Big TVs, stereos, DVD/DVR, etc.....check. But the rest, not so well. Rems and Cam also gave us a game table. The kind you play cards on. And we have tons of paint samples. Even those paper ones taped to the walls.

Some time after 3PM, I decided to tackle the den. Actually, most of our furniture is in there. Yup, the yard and the den are looking good. I began taking the electronics apart. Attempting to move the shelving unit we have everything on. It meant taking everything down. And I mean everything. Then went the card table and everything that is associated with it. Some time during my moving of things, I lost track of time. Forgot about cooking dinner. A dinner I had invited Enzo to. And I got completely lost in the task at hand.

When my hubby and Enzo wandered in at 6:30PM, I was almost as shocked as they were. I was sitting in sea of things. Furniture covered in trinkets, pictures, and what not. Honestly, there was not even a path to walk through the room. And all I heard was my hubby say, "Looks like you have.....been.....busy??? Gabs do you have a pair of glasses for me? I don't think I am seeing straight." Enzo was laughing hysterically.

Let's just say, we reached a mutual agreement. We would order pizza, and the guys would get the living room to watch some game or something tonight. Me? Well, I am sitting on the floor of the dining room surfing the net. My hubby wasn't mad. He just wondered if a tornado hit our den. Maybe I should have started my project at 8AM instead of late in the afternoon. Actually, some time during our 5-star dinner, my hubby offered to help me move furniture around tomorrow afternoon. How can I not love him? :)


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