Monday, May 25, 2009

Racing Sunday

Let's start with the Indy 500

Helio Castroneves won it!!! It was his 3rd Indy 500 win.

How cool is that? I think it is incredible. especially after the month he has had. But the race overall, was pretty boring. The beginning 25+ laps were interesting. Heck, the 1st lap was packed full of emotion. The rest, not so much. At least not until the last 25 or so laps.

Now folks, let's talk about the Coca-Cola 600

This picture was from the opening ceremonies. NASCAR really does know how to celebrate our armed forces, troops, and veterans. We literally went from ABC's coverage of the Indy 500 to FOX's coverage of the Coca-Cola 600. Sara and Little M wanted nothing, and I mean not a thing to do with the indy race. The 2 of them sat and watched coverage of NASCAR in the living room while the rest of us were in the den.

Apparently, this is a weekly thing for the both of them. S did not seemed alarmed that her 3 yr old princess was decked out in her #88 firesuit, glued to the TV, waiting for just a glimpse of her boyfriend. Sara.....she was waiting for that same glimpse.....apparently for some of the same reasons. I just think, she likes to look at that man in his suit. :) Jason just thinks she is crazy.....but he is still crazy in love with his woman!

The opening ceremonies were great.....then the rain came. And did it ever. Lola, are you out there? How about J? Possibly Manders? You guys need a boat? You see, my friends are in NC, and they seem to be getting drenched. The race went into a rain delay for hours. Which apparently, is something that was going to last forever. Some 3-4 hours into the delay, the race was finally postponed. :(

Tomorrow morning (12PM ET) we are going to watch the race.....hopefully. :) Let's see what happens. Little M was just miserable that FOX interviewed everyone.....but her boyfriend. How dare they. She just cracks me up. Wasn't it bad enough that the race on Saturday night was called due to rain. Let's just say Little M is not a big fan of the rain.

Do not fret people. We had a great time hanging out with all of our friends. It was so nice to have so many people visiting. And the food.....oh the food. Is it OK that I cheated today and ate some good party food today? I hope so, because it was good! :)

This racing thing is just not my hubby and I's thing. We are more into baseball, even football. But it was nice to watch something new. And to see how other sports do "their thing." But tomorrow, hopefully we will get to watch this NASCAR race that I have been hearing so much about. Little M is so excited for it!

I am leaving you with a picture of Dale Jr. He seems to be the favorite amongst our group. I don't really know much about NASCAR, but he seems like a good guy to cheer for. After all, Little M, Sara, and Lola are his fans. :) My husband did have this to say though, "Do you think he glows in the dark? He is looking rather pale. Something fierce like Lola's legs. :)

Dale Jr. practicing for the Coca-Cola 600

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