Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bless Her So

She Needs a Minute of Peace and Quiet

Who? Lola. She has been hard at work sorting through stuff at the post office. I guess we were all under the impression that it would be a quick trip to the post office to collect our packages. But it wasn't in fact, she and M (the neighbor that has an Ebay shop) have to go through 6 crates of opened packages to figure out who's is who's.

Lola called me about an hour ago to see if I could take them some lunch. I made a quick stop at Subway, picked up a couple of turkey subs, and walked into their nightmare. Lola and M have to sort through all of that. Then they have to fill out claim slips, make a police report, then wait on the police to release everything.

On a better note, we at least know exactly what items were sold. Between Lola and I, we are going to remake these items. Hopefully, those are all the aprons we have to remake.....there are 5 so far. Lola and I have also decided to go shopping tonight to buy some extras to send on with our packages (tea, kitchen towels, candy, etc.)

If I could just repackage this flower and a little bit of peace and quiet, I would. She deserves a medal for everything she is going through to try and correct the mail issue.

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