Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 2 and They are Far From Finished

It's Not Looking Good

Lola went back to the post office today. She had her folder with receipts and other things to claim our packages. To make matters worse, when the problem was initially beginning, it was Lola's birthday. There are lots of things she has to claim that were sent to her for that. Making a hard situation, even tougher. Because she has to contact all the people who sent her things and have them send some sort of proof to the post office. Then my aunt just had her birthday, so there are that many more items to claim. Sam is gone working, and my uncle took my aunt on a trip to celebrate her birthday.

On a better note, Lola and I went shopping last night. She was exhausted, but she knew it had to be done. We bought fabric, trims, and some other stuff. We spent about 2 hours cutting out aprons last night. Today, I made 2. My sewing machine just was not wanting to work. I am hopeful that tomorrow is more productive.

There is also a downside, the stuff that was collected at the home of these people, we cannot get back. Well, not right now. It became evidence. Our list of aprons to make, just got longer. I know, huh? And if that is just not enough, Lola almost forgot she had a gig in NC. My hubby dropped her off at the airport a short time ago. Can you believe she packed fabric and pins to cut out some of these aprons? She did. I will also sew up a few things over the weekend. We are hopeful to get everything back on Monday or Tuesday. Then Lola and I will make the 1 hour trip to send them from the larger city near us.

I can only pray that the packages will make it to their rightful owners. But for the immediate time, I need to get to sewing. The aprons that I have been making for my partners, I have made them so many times that I don't need the instructions any more. :)

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