Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh Dream

Double Trouble

I was doing a search for a gift.....a baby shower gift. Actually, for a pattern to make a gift. My friends are having twins. This came up.....Double Trouble. When I opened it, I was surprised.

1: It doesn't look like something I would make for a baby shower.

2: I really like it for my house.

3: It is the free pattern of the day at Annie's Attic.

Don't you like it? I am not really good at crochet. If I start now, maybe by Christmas I could have it finished. And I am being hopeful there. But I like it. Something about it reminds me of warm, old-fashioned nights by the fire. If you want the pattern, go to Annie's Attic. It is free today, May 21. :)

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