Thursday, May 7, 2009

Looking for Gifts

I have been looking high and low for gifts. Mother's Day is on Sunday. Yes, this Sunday. I want the gifts to be special, one of a kind. My Hubby is pretty much leaving the shopping up to me.....for both my Mom and his. :)

Lola and I spent some time talking about this Tuesday evening. Our Moms are very special, and we need to find that one of a kind gift. In her case, she has decided to make her mom something. I think it is a sweet gift. But she also has to find something for her Mom's birthday, which is 2 days later. We agreed to do some shopping together. But quickly realized we don't have the time. It's finals week. Our schedules are the most insane things you could imagine!

That leaves me to search online, get the wheels turning in my crafty brain, and take to the streets tonight. I am thinking about a trip to Target, maybe Hallmark, and definitely a trip to the Farmers' Market Saturday morning. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts? What are you getting your Mom for Mother's Day?

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