Friday, August 28, 2009

A Sad Family Day

Life is not always bubble gum and lollipops. This week definitely is an example. Last night, my hubby's family met to celebrate the life of his uncle. We went to the Rosary. It was very different from a typical rosary that we would attend.

On first observation, there were not many people there. Just my hubby's family. They were actually related to this man's wife. That was my hubby's aunt. This is her husband. Still their uncle, but not the blood relative. There were no people from his side of the family. Or friends. I found it sad. The rosary was quick. Done in less than 30 minutes. And it abruptly ended. No eulogy or any type of memories shared. Just the end of the rosary. I almost felt like someone should say, "To be continued..."

Today was not much better. We went to the church for mass. I was surprised that the pallbearers didn't carry in or at least accompany the casket into the church. The mass was your standard funeral mass. Finally at the graveyard, the pallbearers carried the casket. But the priest seemed distracted. The workers at the cemetery were watching to see when the service would end. Apparently, there were many funerals today. We counted 6 as we left. They needed the chairs and the setup for other services. The men from the funeral home couldn't fold the American flag correctly. And there was only 1 small floral arrangement. Some flowers had to be split between the immediate family members to have enough. The pallbearers didn't receive one either.

After the services, we all went to my hubby's aunt and uncle's home. His aunt passed away almost 3 years ago. We shared in a meal with the family. But it was so strange. People that should have been there weren't. People were all in their little groups. Not really talking to each other.

This is a really sad time to begin with. But when it turns out like this, I am left speechless. I didn't know this uncle very well. But he was always so nice, and kind in general. He deserved better. He deserved people paying their respects. For his service to our country, he deserved people who could fold the American flag appropriately. He deserved a priest that was fully into the prayer. It was a sad day for more than one reason. But may our uncle's soul rest in peace forever with his wife.

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