Monday, August 17, 2009

We Got Served Today

The city (I consider it a town) that we live in, served us with violation papers today. Actually, they are for my hubby because the utility bills are in his name. Supposedly, we are in violation of the weed and grass ordinance in the city. The court papers say that we were given a written warning at he beginning of July for tall grass and weeds. WHAT???

First of all, our yard is always looking nice. My Hubby mows the lawn every 2 weeks. It doesn't need it that often, but he does it. And since I have been off for the summer, I have been doing lots of yard work. My hubby and his cousins put up a privacy fence all the way around our property not too long ago. I have been planting various plants and flowers. Weeds never get taller than 2".

Secondly, we never received a notice. NEVER!!! I don't know what these people are talking about. Our yard looks nice all the time. The neighbors are always commenting on how much time we spend doing yard work. But we also discovered tonight, while doing some work in the yard. How ironic! That the other 5 families that live on our cul de sac, also got served for the same reasons. I wonder what is going on. No one ever saw the Codes Inspector. I am home all day. One of our neighbors is a stay at home mom too. If anyone comes around, the dogs bark. We didn't hear or see anything.

I don't know what is going to happen. My hubby has to appear in court on September 1st. He is not happy at all. This city is crazy! I never realized it. Until we had problems with the gas, the water, and the mail. The mail thing is still not resolved! We got a PO box in a nearby town to get our mail. This is just weird.

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